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Through a 3-pillar approach, MFFP is working to develop a favorable social and economic ecosystem in Myanmar that will allow the creation and expansion of fly fishing tourism in Myanmar, both domestic and foreign.


With a total land area of 676,578 square km, nestled between the 9th and 28th parallels, with a coastline of 1,930 km and with vast hills and mountain ranges reaching up to 5,881 m, Myanmar is a very diverse country offering an incredible variety of landscapes, ecosystems and fish.

Very little is known about the fish that inhabit most of Myanmar waters from a recreational angler’s perspective, especially where and how to catch them on a fly; but the little that is known offers a glimpse of the potential that still hides…: amazing sport fishes in breathtaking environments!

As Myanmar is progressively opening up, vast territories become available for the search of sport fish and fishing grounds.

MFFP is working to discover those areas, those fish and develop knowledge about how, when and where to catch them; this research is seen as the key to establishing the foundations on which to build and develop a sustainable fly fishing tourism industry in Myanmar.


As Myanmar opens up to economic development, new actors emerge and new ideas start to blossom into economic activities. This offers increasing opportunities for new collaborations and new partnerships to progress ideas as well as generate new ones…

MFFP works with a variety of actors including the Myanmar Government, NGOs, local communities and the private sector. MFFP sees collaboration with, between and among those actors as paramount to support the development of recreational fly fishing in Myanmar.

MFFP works to seek and establish synergies  with all relevant actors  in a range of sectors such as conservation, SME creation and development, and tourism. MFFP sees fly fishing tourism at the intersection of these sectors.


Challenges abound here in Myanmar, on the political, social and economic fronts; the path on which Myanmar finds itself is difficult and extremely complex. But there are also bright spots as well, opportunities that can be seized to help Myanmar people and the country move forward in the right direction.

MFFP sees fly fishing tourism as an opportunity in that regard as it provides economic benefits for local communities and local SMEs alike.

MFFP works to promote Myanmar as a fly fishing destination where fly fishing can contribute to peace, stability and economic prosperity of rural and remote communities.

MFFP also works to promote fly fishing locally among Myanmar citizens.

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