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  • Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on 3 objectives that are seen to form the foundations for the development of a sustainable fly fishing tourism industry in Myanmar.

Objective 1: Support the Development of Community-Based Fly Fishing Destinations

As Myanmar offers a wide diversity of environments due to its geography, it naturally offers a wide potential of amazing fly fishing destinations. As we research to identify the right areas that present rich populations of sport fishes, we also work with local communities and various actors to setup fish resource management approaches that benefits local communities and anglers alike, allowing for the practice of catch-and-release.

Whether it is through setting up fish sanctuaries or selective fishing rules applying to subsistence fishing, the choice of approach to fish resource management is left to each community to decide.

We then accompany communities in implementing their approach while preparing for welcoming fly fishing tourism.

Objective 2: Support the Development of an Economic Ecosystem of SMEs

The development of Myanmar as a fly fishing destination goes hand-in-hand with the development of SMEs (Small & Medium Entreprises) that will both support and benefit from fly fishing tourism. Tackle shops, fly fishing guides, fly tying materials makers, boat builders... are all SMEs that can be developed as fly fishing tourism develops in Myanmar.

MFFP works with its partners to identify and support opportunities for the establishment or expansion of SMEs relating to the practice of fly fishing in Myanmar.

Objective 3: Support the Development of a Fly Fishing Practice in Myanmar

As Myanmar continues its economic development, more and more Myanmar citizens take on the practice of recreational fishing as a hobby.

MFFP works to promote fly fishing and catch-and-release among Myanmar citizens in parallel of developing Myanmar as a fly fishing destination for foreign anglers.

MFFP believes that a vibrant domestic fly fishing practice alongside foreign fly fishing tourism is the key to establishing a sustainable fly fishing tourism industry in Myanmar.

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