No.470, Thitsar Road , South Okklapa Township , Yangon Myanmar
  • Considerations For The Recreational Angler

All fly fishing will be done on a catch and release only as to preserve fish stocks.

Some fishing itineraries involve fishing in fish conservation zones implemented by and for the local communities to support healthy fish population; in these fish conservation zones, any form of subsistence and commercial fishing is banned; as local communities and relevant authorities have accepted the practice of recreational fly fishing on a catch and release basis only, it is expected that the anglers treat the fish they catch with utmost care so as to avoid any damage on the fish that could result in mortality, which could result in limiting or cancelling access rights.

By coming to Myanmar to Fly Fish with us and our partners, you will contribute to the The Myanmar Fly Fishing Project and its mission to develop Myanmar as a fly fishing destination.

Dos and Don'ts For Tourists

It is generally important for a traveller to respect the culture and traditions of the host communities but sometimes it is difficult to know what is ok or not ok.

The following brochure "Dos and Don'ts For Tourist" is here to help (download in pdf).

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