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Your support will help The Myanmar Fly Fishing Project achieve the following…

Support local communities to establish fish sanctuaries

Local communities in rural Myanmar have a key role to play in the development of our beloved fly fishing sport; they are the owners and the guardians of the very much sought after fishing grounds, those rivers and fish that we dream of.

We support these communities in understanding the key role they hold and help them take the lead in managing fish resources so that they can benefit from sustainably managed riverine fisheries.

Support local communities to prepare for fly fishing tourism

Local communities in rural Myanmar are becoming new hosts, welcoming fly fishing visitors onto their rivers.

Because fly fishing tourism is a new concept, and because tourism is new to many of our remote communities, we work with them, helping to understand expectations, and developing skills required to sustainably benefit from fly fishing tourism, while ensuring satisfaction of very demanding fishing visitors.

Creation of a Myanmar Fly Fishing Guide Force

In most locations, a guide will be necessary for foreign anglers in order to find fish and target them appropriately and efficiently, bringing greater chances of success.

Since fly fishing is new in Myanmar, your contribution will help train Myanmar citizens in fly fishing; it will also help sending them abroad on a scholarship where they will learn the specificity of guiding for fly fishing.

Support our fly fishing school

As part of our mission to develop fly fishing tourism in Myanmar, we believe that one way to make it sustainable is to get Myanmar citizens to fall in love with fly fishing.

We are setting up a fly fishing school in Yangon to plant the seed  of the passion of fly fishing locally and nurture it so that it grows into a sustainable and self-sustaining ecosystems of services, products and people

Your support helps us grow the passion of fly fishing here in Myanmar.

Support mahseer DNA sampling

Mahseer taxonomy is unclear across the distribution range and contains mistakes. In Myanmar, we may not know yet all species of masheers, and their distribution across the country.

As part of our exploration of Myanmar rivers to identify and develop community-based fly fishing destinations, we collect DNA samples of the various masheers we come across, collecting fish and capture information alongside DNA. This information is transmitted to our scientific partner The Fish Conservation Foundation for analysis.

Your contribution supports clarifying mahseer species and their distribution across Myanmar.

Development of Nature Lodges

Some locations are so remote that traditional financers (banks and investors) can’t get the return on investment they require. Yet, fishing tourism has the potential to bring income to local communities and lodge operators. Your contribution will support the development of nature lodge in these locations.

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